Simple Hacks to Give the Carpet a Brand New Look | Best Way to Clean Old Carpet


Love your old fashioned carpet so much which looks nasty but can throw it away?

Believe it or not, rugs and carpet don’t last forever. It doesn’t mean you have to throw your rugs after one year and it will become useless. Most manufacturers claim carpet can last for ten years with proper care.

Definitely, cleaning the old carpet is quite challenging. But it’s not rocket science. With some easy hacks, you can get the desired look of your favorite carpet. This is a guide with the best way to clean old carpet from our lovely Company Carpet Cleaners in Dayton Ohio.

So let’s get to it.

Strategies of Clean your old carpet

Dirt is more irritating than thousands of little blades which ruin carpet fibers. Meanwhile, properly maintained and cleaned carpet will last twice as long. Here are two different strategies that will help you to get a fresh carpet.

Before everything, check the carpet’s label. Thus, lift the corners of your carpet to check the rug’s label. In the label, you will get instructions on the best and safest way to clean your old rugs and carpet. This is mainly because the procedure of cleaning won’t be the same and can vary fabric to fabric.

Carpets can be made of wool, cotton, silk, or synthetic material. Hence, each needs a certain degree of finesse for cleaning. However, Cotton and wool carpets are usually easier to clean and rather durable.

Oriental carpets are a popular style of rug that mainly originates from countries like China, Iran, and India. These carpets are known for their vibrant, rich colors as well as unique designs. Though it’s pretty hard to clean oriental carpets, it’s possible with a bit more care.

But you have a silk rug; we suggest taking it to a pro instead of cleaning it yourself at home in the case of severe stains.

Now you know all about your carpet’s fabric and material, which will well or damage it. Now follow these easy procedures.

Strategy 1: Banish Dirt by Regular Vacuuming
You may think of is there any cheapest way to clean carpet. Of course, you can clean the carpet yourself. And you can find plenty of resources on How to clean your carpet without a machine. But keep in mind, it is pretty old and dirt sticks badly. That’s why regular vacuuming is recommended.

First of all, set the vacuum at the right height. If you set it too low, it will damage the carpet material as well as vacuum’s drive belt and brush. On the other hand, if you set it in too low, you can’t pick any dirt. So the best practice is to set it in an ideal height.

Start the procedure with a clean filter or bag
A dirty cup, dirty can reduce a vacuum’s suction power. Wash or replace the filters after three months. You have to replace the vacuum when it’s three-quarter.

Set at the right speed
Keep your vacuum slowly. Give a quick vacuum pass over on those low-traffic areas. Also, if needed two slowly passes on those high-traffic areas.

Use walk-off mats
Well, Use walk-off mats to keep all dirt off the carpeting. Keep Coarse-textured mats away to remove soil. Meanwhile, Water-absorbent mats inside secure wet shoes.

Strategy 2: Keep Your Carpet a Deep Cleaning By Washing
Buying a machine to deep clean your carpet is not the well enough to get the stubborn dirt and stains out. So if you don’t want to mess up to run a stem cleaner but want a deep clean, then this simple method is a great option.

You will need these simple ingredients:
• Plain water
• Some detergent
• Some salt (sea salt or kosher salt)
• A few terry cloth towels or old rags
• Baking soda

Have a look on how to deep clean carpet yourself at home.
1. Firstly, mix up a tiny bit of soap with the water in a spray bottle. Let it mix properly. Don’t shake the mixture excessively.

2. Sprinkle the table salt and baking soda over the stain you want to deep clean. Meanwhile, there is a need to cover the entire carpet completely.

3. It’s time Spray the solution of soapy water gently over the spot. And allow sitting for a few minutes.

4. Clean it by Brushing the carpet in one direction with the brush.

5. Pick up all hair and debris easily.

6. If there is still some stubborn dirt, then repeat the process.

7. Press the rags or towels into the carpet, allowing them to saturate with water.

8. Empty the soapy mix from the spray bottle, and fill it with tap water, and spray the carpet once more.

9. If it is still wet, press the towels again into the carpet to dry fully.

Few Unconventional methods to clean old carpet

Method 1: use vinegar and detergent to remove the spot
Mix 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/2 tsp liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of room tap water in a bucket and spray it to remove harder stains. The vinegar’s acidity will prevent the colors in your carpet and can eliminate unwanted odors.

This method is highly effective to remove coffee or pet stain.

Method 2: Hire a Green Professional
If you don’t have enough time, to create your homemade solutions, then this method is handy for you.
Glad that, more and more professional cleaners are now becoming aware of the eco-friendly cleaning which is safe for kids and pets.

Meanwhile, if your carpet is expensive, or has sentimental value, it better to take it to a professional carpet cleaner. These Carpet cleaners have lots of experience dealing with different types of carpets and. But of course, you have to invest a decent amount of money.

Extra Tips: How to Remove Odors from Your Carpet
After vacuuming your carpet thoroughly, gently sprinkle some talcum powder on the on and let it sit on the carpet overnight. Hence, the powder will absorb nasty odors left by smoke or pet. The next morning, use the vacuum to uplift the powder from your carpet.