Reasons Why You Need to Stay Organized at Work

There are certain components that are necessary if an individual or an organization is to function well and achieve its goals. One can say that proper planning is one such component while another can say that orderliness is another. All the above answers and others not mentioned here would be right as there are different factors necessary for success in any endeavor.

However, there is an umbrella that all these various components have to come under, and that is the umbrella of organization or that state wherein it can be said that a system, activity or an individual is organized. This is key in achieving meaningful progress be it by an individual, a project team or an organization.

What Does It Mean to Be Organized?

This word generally refers to the arrangement and the systematic structure of a thing. The term can be used to refer to anything that has this attribute of being arranged and systematically structured. Thus, it can be used to refer to a business, a sport or sporting activities, military activities, a system of administration and even, in an individual’s life. You can read more about the word organization here.

Most of the time, people talk of an organized workplace primarily because, the output and the achievement of the goals and targets of the institution is greatly dependent on how organized the workplace is. However, there are two sides to this which are institutional and individual

Institutional (The Organizational Structure of the Workplace)

Organizational Structure

Sometimes, the real challenge an organization faces is its administrative and organizational structure. Without an efficient system that is well organized, an organization will always find it hard to meet up with its goals and targets. This failure will be despite the level of work or effort that the individuals that make up the organization put into it. The following are reasons why the organizational structure of the workplace is important:

The Chain Of Command Is Clearly Set

Though this is primarily a military term, it best befits the point to be made here. This is that an orderly system which clearly defines the various working relationship between the various staff and their employers be set. By doing this, everyone now knows who they are to report to and be answerable to, who to work with and who to hold accountable if anything goes wrong. 

Duties Are Specialized

Again, this also results in the workers being deployed to their areas of specialization. In doing this, the organization will be able to get the best out of their workers.

Proper Financial Management

Another thing that being organized helps an organization to achieve is efficient financial management. This is because, having put in place a system that is well organized, the financial inflow and outflow from the establishment can now be better monitored. By doing this, funds can be rightly disbursed or even curtailed based on the needs of the organization and its various departments.

Harmonious Staff Relationship

Harmonious Staff Relationship

Workers in an organization can become quite unhappy with the conditions at their workplace and this usually has a way of spilling over to their performance or output at work. Workers may feel under used, over used or that they are working in the wrong department and this might even lead to internal squabbles amongst staff. Creating an organized system helps to stop all this and even boosts staff harmony.

Improves Customer Service

The aim of every organization is to meet the needs of its target audience or customers or clients. When things are not in order internally with the organization, it has a way of affecting the quality of service delivery that the customers receive and this is not good for business. Therefore, putting the right structure in place helps to change whatever perception your customers may have of your organization making them eager to come and engage your services.

The Individual (How Organized the Individual Is)

How Organized the Individual Is

The individual is the one indivisible unit that forms part of the whole and the performance of an individual can affect the whole whether positively or negatively. Stories abound of how an individual positively impacted an organization and in some cases, even turned around their fortunes. But this can only happen with an individual that is organized. 

Ultimately, it is the organized individual that gets to benefit the most. Here are some of the benefits of doing this:

You Become More Productive and Efficient

One major advantage to organizing oneself is that you become even more productive and efficient as an individual irrespective of what happens around you. Consistently performing like that makes you have a high standard and though it might not seem like it, excellence has a way of standing one out among colleagues.

You Become More Focused

Truth be told, some of the things that do command attention in the workplace are not really relevant to the goals that we hope to achieve rather, they are just distractions. However, by organizing yourself as an individual, you are able to cut through those distractions and focus on your main aims. You can go to Teamly to find out more on this.

Less Stress

One very negative aspect of being unorganized is that the individual gets more stressed. This stress is as a result of not having things in order or properly sorted out which gives such a person avoidable extra duties that end up getting the individual very worked up. This negatively affects the productivity of the individual involved.


It is usually the case that when individuals or a group of people want to start up a venture or join an organization they have to first reach an agreement and then sign the agreement. The basic idea is that the agreement reached becomes the operational frame work that guides the party’s activities.

This speaks to the need of having structure and organization in all that one has to do. But many have not deemed it as being too important though it is and in fact may be the difference between success and failure.

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