Reasons to Become a Nurse


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To some people, nursing is a calling while to others is a career path. You should identify the reason why you need to get into nursing in the first place if you’re to make a successful career out of it. You should not just be pursuing a career because of the money because you’re bound to get overwhelmed at some point. Here are some of the reasons you should become a nurse.

Quality Training Options

A nurse is supposed to be well trained because of the expectations that come with the job. There a couple of nursing schools in almost every state and you can expect high-quality training provided you’re doing research. Don’t just settle on the first school that you come across as they might not be right for you.

Do plenty of research on the matter. What role do you see yourself taking up? If you know early on, you can direct the training opportunities you get granted the way you want. Even if you don’t know what you want to do specifically, training ensures that nurses always have the latest knowledge.

Numerous Opportunities

As a nurse, you can choose the nature of work. You get to travel on the job. Such nurses usually get paid more because of the involving nature of the work. Nurses will always be in demand no matter how the economy is doing. Nursing is the most in-demand occupation in almost every state. It is projected that the nursing industry will grow by 16% in 2024. This could be all the motivation that you need to pursue a degree in nursing.

Therefore, if you don’t like the idea of staying in one place too long, don’t worry that nursing will hold you back. In fact, nursing could be the key to enabling one to travel more often. Some of the most popular travel nurse jobs include: 

Locum nurse – you will working for an agency that will assign you to where you are most needed. 

Camp nurse – if you love being outdoors, apply for nursing jobs on campsites. You will be the go-to for anyone staying at the campsite for medical reasons. If you don’t like campsites, what about applying for roles on resorts? Tourism will see you dealing with plenty of unique cases and meeting lots of different people. 

Cruise ship nurse – prefer long-distance traveling? Becoming a cruise ship nurse could be ideal for you. You will be on hand to deal with any sick or injured travelers until you can get them to shore.

Humanitarian nurse – if you want to help the people that need it most, then you should look to work with organizations that work in remote villages or provide care to those that have suffered a natural disaster. 

You Make a Difference

There are not a lot of careers that provide the opportunity to truly make a difference. Nursing is all about providing care to those that are vulnerable. In some situations, you’ll be in charge of making sure that the patient is getting back to full health. A nurse will monitor the patient and make sure they’re getting the necessary treatment needed to aid with the recovery process. Nurses are involved right from the start until when the patient will leave the hospital.

It can, therefore, be a very fulfilling job to many. You will watch people leave feeling better than when they arrived, and there can be no greater joy than this. However, it is important to say that it won’t always be this way, but you will still have made a difference in many ways. For instance, you could have ensured that a person didn’t suffer when they died. The family or friends grieving for their lost one will be grateful for this, even if not straight away and even if they don’t acknowledge it to you directly. Knowing that they were cared for throughout will mean a lot to many people.

Professional Development Opportunities

Quality Training Options

The day of a nurse is never the same. Every new is a new challenge which is a great learning experience for someone that is looking to advance his or her career. The more the learning, the more the opportunities that become available for you.

You can Learn Online

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to go to a classroom in order to learn to nurse. The majority of institutions of higher learning will provide online classes because there is a demand for it. Such programs are great if you’re unable to enroll in traditional courses for one reason or another.

This means there are more opportunities for more people than ever before. They can apply to the best nursing schools and get a top education, improving their career prospects while also aiding the community as a whole. The more nurses there are, the better health care services people can receive after all. 

Why these online programs work is simple. Many universities have realized the importance of allowing nurses the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills without giving up work. Therefore, online-only nursing degrees have been made completely suitable for the working nurse. 

Now nurses don’t have to choose between staying as a registered nurse or giving up work to get a better position. Instead, they can apply to one of the online courses, earn their qualifications in their free time, and apply to better positions. By nurses improving their education, patients get the benefit of even better care. Nurses have plenty of course options when wanting to enhance their careers. Some would you prefer to work in pediatrics. Others love the idea of becoming a midwife or orthopedic nurse. It could be that you think becoming a nurse practitioner is more to your liking. There are definitely perks to choosing the latter position. The job is in demand, and you will find there is plenty to keep you busy during the working day. For example, you will be trained to assess and diagnose patients, order and look over medical tests carried out, and also prescribe medications. 

Of course, it will depend on where you find yourself living. In Oklahoma, for instance, this has a rapidly growing job market available, and it will continue this way. Therefore, you should look into the online courses that will enable you to become an Oklahoma Nurse Practitioner. If you choose to apply to a school in Oklahoma, you don’t have to worry about transferring, thanks to the online courses available. You can continue working where you are as an RN while gaining your FNP degree.

Entering the Workforce

It is a lot easier for a nurse to enter the workforce provided they have the right qualifications. Qualifying to be a nurse can take as little as 2 years and you can be assured that there will be a job waiting for you. This is unlike other professions where you have to go to school for four years and there are no guarantees that you will get a job even after graduation. You will never have to worry about not getting a job should you decide to become a nurse.

Flexible Work Schedule

A hospital is supposed to operate 24/7. That means that there will be people working in shifts. For a nurse, you can decide to choose the shift which is ideal for your schedule. The shifts will always be fluctuating and you’ll just have to look for those that are more tailored for your needs. There are people that like order and will only be interested in the traditional work schedule. You can still work the normal 9-5 if you don’t want major disruptions.

Of course, if you don’t like the idea of doing the 9-5, you could choose a nursing career like a cruise ship nurse, where you will have more flexible working hours. The flipside of this is that you could find yourself working for hours at a time for days on end.

Competitive Salaries

Nurses are known to be competitively paid depending on the level of experience. The mean annual salary is set at $60,000. Experienced nurses could take home more than that. If you’re looking for a good reason to become a nurse, the salaries should be more than enough motivation you need.

Well-respected Profession

Nurses are well-respected because of the nature of the work they do. You might be having a loved one that is sick and requires special care. In most cases, it will be a nurse will be called upon to provide the needed care and treatment.

Nurses are viewed with the highest regard in terms of honesty and ethics. People put their trust in you to nurse them back to health.

Becoming a Nurse

For you to become a nurse, you need to make sure that you’re getting the right preparation, especially when it comes to academics. Don’t hesitate to look for proofreading services if you feel that your work needs a second eye. It is also important to have a passion for the profession if you’re to make a real difference.