Real Estate Technologies Built Just For The Buyers

If you are willing to explore the sophistication extended by the real estate marketing, you are best placed to experience it in the year 2019. It is hard to believe it but the real estate segment offers some of the best tech-savvy applications to both buyers and sellers. With technology in place, you can now cover expansive townships, survey plots from home and even keep a watch on the progress your house has made since the foundation’s tone was placed! All this, without burning a single drop of gas or taking a single step out of your existing location.

Just in case you did not know about the technologies that are available for you as a property buyer, here’s a list of Real Estate technologies that will surely leave you bedazzled with their spec features.

Virtual 3D Tours
Egging on the Google maps and location apps does not help much if you are already a property buyer. If you wish to see what’s inside the house, you can adopt the Virtual 3D tour to zero onto every corner of your dream base. You no longer have to take a tour to the site and stay famished till the sample flat is ready for a good look. Just go to the online portal and experience the visual projection of the layout at Virtual 3D tour. It creates the same floor plan used in the project and gives the buyer a near-perfect slice of the reality that can be expected at the time of possession on completion.

CommonFloor Retina
CommonFloor Retina has been developed on a similar line as the Virtual 3D tour with many additional specs from the point of view of an Indian property buyer. For instance, the Retina not only allows the buyer to view and access the interior of a house, but it also allows comparison and review with other similar sites. It means you have a better assortment of property choices before going ahead with a deal. It also creates a special ambiance effect using special 3D graphics.

It comes with multifold benefits. The builder saves time, money and effort that go into a building a sample floor, while the prospective property buyers enjoy the experience of living in a place built exclusively for them.

Customized Agreements
How many of you have slipped on a deal just because you did not have the right clauses in the agreement? The online portals now offer an exclusive option for creating and customizing agreements. If you are ready with the capital, all you need to verify is your personal detail. You can add clauses as you move ahead like parking costs, Community membership, water bill, registration costs and finally the transfer of property. The agreement takes less than 48 hours to get prepared. If you are tight in the time, you should try this fascinating legal service. All this at a ridiculously small price!

Price Heat Maps
Compare and Buy is the traditional way of hunting down a property. The prices vary significantly over a course of time. Due to reduced absorptions, the prices of a particular property may swing by 20 percent at either end. The Price Heat Maps gives a fair picture of the swing in recent times and also allows you to compare different property prices within the same geography. Find the average property price in the area using different input options. From a security scale to Visibility index, you can see everything that the property offers. The Price Heat Map also shows how friendly the area is for school kids, women and the elderly population.

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