How to Find an Ideal Dog Trainer

You tried finding some online tutorial, reading somehow do I train my dog e-book, and persisted, but it really isn’t working out! Well, you have landed on the right page because no matter how geeky you get and study about training the dog, there is still a lot that only a competent professional can do.

So how do you find a good dog trainer?

There are two ways to it:

  1. Look for directory and call the professionals, and ask following questions
  2. How do they plan to impart the training?
  3. Do they have relevant experience? If yes, then do they have any references that they can share with you?
  4. What all they are going to cover in the training and what do they make out of the current status of the dog?
  5. Do they have any certifications or have attended any training?
  6. Do they have a facility where you could see how they train dogs?
  7. Are they willing to negotiate on fees, and guarantee that your dog will learn and benefit from the training they impart?

Get the answers, and if they satisfy you, then go for the professional, because their experience will be very helpful to your dog.

  1. Get a popular app called UrbanClap, they have got a list of professionals including dog trainers. The app is available on both android and apple platform and is available for free download. Be prepared to enter your dog’s age, gender, the best time to take the class, and finally your locality and street address. Once you submit the request, you will typically get a response in about 2-4 hours, and the cost per session is evenly priced from 400-1000 per session. If you need any help pertaining to the request, you can always call their customer support and they are pretty quick when it comes to responding to customer queries.

Once you get the trainer, your job isn’t done, you need to ensure that dog trainer is using the right method, you will have to be more vigilant when you hire professionals by process

So what method should a dog trainer use?

Typically they should use clicker training or lure and reward trainer, in India, latter is common, the idea revolves around a basic psyche of all animals to do things that are more rewarding or satisfactory, however an ideal trainer would use combination of both since they deliver best results when they are used in conjunction to each other.

So how can you infer is a dog training class is good or bad?

First of all, it is important that you stay with the trainer (and of course your dog) for the first session, although there aren’t established ground rules, ideally, the class should be small, comprising of say 5 dogs at the most. If you have got a home trainer for the dog, then you can omit this point. There should be very clear demonstrations, the class should be organized and the trainer should pay great attention to hygiene.

With all this said, there are many professionals who are getting into this new stream, although it is already popular in western countries, the concept of dog trainers is quite new in India, so there are really a very few trainers who are globally competent. You can try out UrbanClap app on your phone and ask as many questions as you like to professionals until you are convicted that they fit the bill, the professionals go through UrbanClap’s stringent background verification process. There are many dog owners using services from these professionals. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of having a very well trained dog. UrbanClap company has really put a great effort into making the application useful to serve every human being for every kind of cleaning or finding a trainer for dogs easily.

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