How to Change Facebook Page Name after 200 Likes

Facebook fan pages are becoming a trend nowadays. Most of the bloggers are using Fan Pages as a medium to generate traffic to their site. So, Exchanging and Selling of Facebook pages was very common. So, to prevent misuse of this feature of Changing Facebook Page name, Facebook has created a new security measure to prevent Fan Page Name Change after 200 likes. If, you wish to use two WhatsApp in your android mobile, then don’t forget to read about Whatsapp.

Why Facebook has locked Changing Facebook Fan Page feature:

  1. To prevent selling and exchanging of Fan Pages by changing Name.
  2. Changing name, as well as niche of Facebook Fan Page, will make the user experience of users bad.
  3. Users who have liked the fan page will also get interrupted.

This method will work only if:

  1. Any kind of Grammatical Error in Name.
  2. Changing name

Method to Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes:

  1. To change the name of Facebook account, you need to change your IP to the USA.
  2. For this purpose, Download Zen Mate extension in Chrome.
  3. Enter your E-Mail in extension, so that it can generate a password for you.
  4. Now, Simply Restart your browser and Change Location to the USA.
  5. It’s time to login into your Facebook account.
  6. Go to the Page Settings of which you want to change password.
  7. Click on Update info.
  8. Click Change Name or Edit Name option.
  9. Now, A new pop-up will get opened.
  10. Choose any of your requirement, Fill the old name of your Fan Page and then New Name which you want to set.
  11. Input any kind of identity.

Done! You have successfully changed the name of your Facebook Fan Page without any kind of issue.

Alternative Method:

In the above steps, we had used Zen Mate extension to change Name.

  1. If this extension is not working for you, then you can use any proxy of the USA.
  2. You can get USA Proxy list from here.
  3. Just, Use this Proxy.
  4. Repeat all steps mentioned above other than Zenmate Extension.


So, This was all about How you can change Facebook Page name after 200 likes. This method works only when you have any kind of issues related to language or issue related to any character. This method will not work you unless you have a strong reason to get your Facebook page name changed.

If you have any issues related to changing name of your facebook account, Feel free to comment below.

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