How to Boost your Company’s Image


We are all aware that image is everything in business; potential clients like to see a successful organisation and small business owners should do what they can to improve their image. First impressions do count and with that in mind, here are a few ways that you can elevate your business in the eyes of a potential customer.

business card

  • Virtual office services – If you would like a registered business address in New York CBD, search the web for virtual office services and talk to a provider. They offer numerous packages that include call handling and virtual receptionist services; your customers will be impressed when a receptionist answers the call and puts it through to you. Many small businesses use virtual addresses for the prestige factor of having offices in the CBD.
  • Slick business cards – Did you know that you can design your business cards online and the finished product is delivered to your door? Choose the card material, the size, design and, of course, the text and graphics you want and the cards are printed by experts. When you hand a person your business card, they do pay attention to the details, so make sure your card is professional-looking.
  • Design your own mobile app – This will certainly raise a few eyebrows when your customers are informed that your app is available for free download from Play Store. There are so many benefits that come with a customised mobile app, aside from the prestige factor, which is why so many small business owners are choosing to create their own app. Think of it as a direct digital link to your customers’ digital screens, allowing you to send rich promotional content; add a customer support section, which can only be accessed by employees. The great thing about mobile apps is they can be added to at any time; the app is never finished, but rather it is a work in progress that can grow with your business. Click here for information on Intraday Trading.
  • Promotional gifts – Why not order some high-quality umbrellas or desktop planners to hand out to valued customers at New Year? Promotional gifts are a great way to get your brand noticed and there are online suppliers with great gifts that can be personalised. 
  • Office/store renovation – A busy store should be refitted every couple of years for a fresh look; if clients visit your offices, it is always nice to renovate the reception area and have some indoor plants.
  • Vehicle stickers – If you run a fleet of vehicles, that is a lot of free advertising space and you can certainly smarten up service vans to add prestige to your outfit. Talk to an online supplier of custom vinyl vehicle stickers and see what the options are.
  • Staff uniforms – If your staff wear uniforms, this is one way of boosting company image. There are special tailors who can design uniforms to be in keeping with the concept.

Every business tries to put its best foot forward and in these highly competitive times we live in, every little helps. The US government offers free resources and support for small businesses.