How to Add Warmth to Your Home

When you first move into a new property, it can feel a little cold and stark with just empty blank walls and bare floors. However, there are plenty of ways that you can add a little warmth to your home to make it a great place to live and relax. Here are some of the best ways to add a little more warmth to your home.

Wood Floors

The right wood floor is a great first step to take in adding warmth to your home. Since many types of engineered wooden flooring use very natural colours – be they the wood’s own colour or a stain that has been added during processing – they can help a room feel a bit more natural and alive. Choosing a deep, rich wooden floor is a great way to make any room feel a little warmer with very little effort. 

Wood is also a brilliant insulator, so it can retain any heat in the room to help make it a more relaxing place to be. Combine engineered wood flooring with the right rug or even some underfloor heating, and you have a room that both looks and feels a little warmer.

Wall Colour

Whether you prefer wallpaper or just paint, there is no denying that the colour you choose will have a big impact on the overall warmth of your room. At the moment, interior design trends lean towards whites and greys. However, if you choose these – especially if they have a blue undertone to them – you will find that they make your rooms feel quite cold and clinical.

You do not have to take a dive into rich, deep colours if you want. There are plenty of lighter colours that lean towards the warmer parts of the colour wheel, and they could be perfect for your walls! Try to stick to natural colours as much as you can. They will help to keep your rooms feeling alive and welcoming.


Your choice of lighting solutions can have a big effect on how warm a room feels. The top light of any room needs to be bright enough to light all corners, and this can make things feel a little cold and overly exposed. Bringing the lighting level down, and choosing warm-toned bulbs, can really make all the difference.

Try to grab some floor or table lamps and space them out around your room. When it is dark, there should be enough light that you can see properly but everything should be soft and lit flatteringly. This can really help to make a room feel a little bit cosier and warmer.

These are just three steps you can take to make a room feel warmer and more inviting. If you feel like your rooms could use an extra touch, consider following some of the points listed above. They will hopefully help you create a space that always feels welcoming no matter who you might be inviting into it!

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