Growing Your Business


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Looking for new employees to fill open or new positions can be stressful. You are already trying to run a business and balance these gaps in employees, reading resumes and cover letters, conducting interviews on top of training new employees merely piles on even more stress! What is a busy business owner to do? Let Aloha International Employment take the reigns with direct hire employment that gives you back your life while letting your business move forward.

Who is Aloha International?

Aloha International Employment is an employment service company aimed to help other companies through any and every employment issue that life may throw at them. Based in Hawaii with offices on the islands of Maui and Oahu, Aloha International Employment works with you and your business to help you find the employees you want and need without having to put your business on hold. Aloha understands your busy schedule and knows how important each employee is to your business, so we make a point to put in the same effort looking for your new employees as you would. 

How Does Direct Employment Work?

When you choose direct employment with Aloha International Employment, you are choosing an unrivaled service with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee when it comes to the employees that Aloha hand picks for your business. The direct employment service works with you to iron down exactly what you are looking for in an employee. Aloha International Employment reviews resume, does background checks, and conducts interviews all for you based on your business and individual employee needs. Everything is based upon your personal requirements for employees, and all information gathered by Aloha International Employment is made transparent to you, so you are a part of the process the entire way.

What are the Costs?

Aloha International Employment has competitive and low rates for all of their services, including their direct employment services. Their goal is your happiness and satisfaction, and working with your business with your rules is their main priority. Aloha International Employment is happy to work with the budget you discuss with them, giving you more options. Choosing Aloha International Employment takes the work and stress out of finding new employees because you have better things to do with your busy and growing business.

If you are looking to expand your business or simply need to find replacement employees for those spaces that need to be filled, look no further than Aloha International Employment. Aloha International Employment treats you as one of their own, making their business feel like your business. When you sit down with Aloha International Employment to discuss your business employment needs, right away you will know that you are getting top quality service for the lowest rates, guaranteed.