Everything You Need to Know About Beer Industry By Melvin Brewing


The most exciting thing about the brewing industry is that people from all backgrounds can get chances in the brewery industry. Of course, it starts with a lot of excitement but it needs a lot of patience and experience. The job in a brewery starts with a lot of experiences.

Most of us are very acquainted with breweries and many of us are well aware of the breweries but even then, we do not know a lot of things about it. I am sure, you must have heard of the big brand Melvin Brewing, who has been in the industry for a long time and is doing considerably well over the years.

I have collected some very intriguing questions which every beginner would have in mind or might feel like finding out the answers to it. It is important that if you have to stay in the brewery industry and if you have to excel in it, then you will have to know all about it.

Everything You Need to Know About Brewing Industry

Building a career or a business in brewing looks cool and easy, but it is tougher, you need to have some hunger for the industry and die-hard passion for the same. 

Who invented Beer?

The oldest record of beer and brewery has been found in Sumeria which is currently known as Iraq. This invention was done nearly 4000 years ago hence it was not invented by a single person.

How to turn a non-alcoholic beer into an alcoholic one?

It is not that making a nonalcoholic beer into an alcoholic one but it leaves you with no good result. Hence there is no point in doing it so and even if you do that is against the rules. You can also add some sugar to make it alcoholic, but the taste will be spoiled. Instead of that, you can make a homemade brewer or even a bad homemade brewer which will taste better than this.

How many calories beer has?

The standard beer which is served in 12 ounces has 150 calories in it. It is almost similar to the pots which contain fruits and yogurt dieters. But I personally feel happy to have a light beer with 100 calories after work and some beers which contain 300 calories in total. That would be fine and completely like my choice.

How many carbs in a beer?

There are almost 13 carbs in a standard beer and 5 carbs in a light beer. This will in no way help you in your diet hence do not even try to consider it in your diet chart.

Can wheat Allergic people consume beer?

This is asked by very few people because in most cases they do not even realize that they are allergic wheat. But Let me tell you something more interesting, the basic ingredients of beer are malted barley, hops, water, and yeast. Some brewers do use rice, wheat, and corn but mostly they use corn and rice because it makes the beer cost-effective. So, when you are allergic to certain commodities then look for some beer that is excluded from that particular ingredient.


I am a die-hard fan of beer and I can go on talking about beer but that is not enough. One has to know more about beer if he/she wants a career in beer. I have just shown you your way through which you can approach but it is not everything. You need to find out more and dig a little more to find out what is appropriate for the beer industry.