When is the Best Time to Start Preparing for Engineering Entrance Exams?


When is the best time to start preparing for JEE is one question that keeps floating in the minds of all engineering aspirants. Given that they will appear for JEE only after class 12th, it becomes difficult for them to analyse the right time to start. Also, because the competition is fierce, and scores have become the decisive factor for getting admission in any of the reputed engineering colleges, a robust preparation is what students need.

Keeping the fierce competition in mind, it is advised to start the JEE preparation from as early as class 8th. It is always a better idea to get the fundaments clear early on, so the students can build a foundation of the concepts. When a student has access to the right books, mentors and has a structured study plan from an early age, it becomes easier for them to walk the preparation path. Students can also apply for a national scholarship exam for class 8 to give their preparation the required financial backing.

Reputed coaching institutes like Aakash conduct an annual national scholarship exam for class 8, 9 and 10 students with a vision to provide the deserving minds a chance to achieve what they desire. This scholarship exam not only gives the students financial support but also makes them well-prepared for the entrance exam from an early age.

The Advantages of Starting the Preparation from Class 8th
Less Pressure The pressure on those who start preparing from class 10th or 11th is higher when compared to those who are preparing since class 8th. When these students reach class 11th, they will be better prepared than most of their classmates and will have little or no pressure of completing the syllabus. They will have an extra edge over others, ample time to revise and work on the weaker subjects and a better understanding of the examination pattern.

Ample Time to Prepare  When a student starts preparing for a competitive exam from class 8th, they have good five years to finish the syllabus, take mock tests, work on their weaker subjects and what not. Such is not the case with those who start preparing from class 11th. They have the pressure of understanding, finishing and revising the syllabus in two years. In most cases, this pressure of limited time takes a toll on their performance in the competitive exam.

Availability of Free Time Another advantage of starting early on is that students have time to indulge in things they like to do other than studies. Because they have good five years to prepare, they won’t have to bury themselves in books and say goodbye to the pleasures of life. When preparing for a tough competitive exam like JEE, it is essential to give the mind the required rest to maintain focus and polish problem-solving skills.

Scholarship Advantage As mentioned earlier, many coaching institutes like Aakash conduct an annual scholarship program for those studying in class 8th, 9th and 10th. Those securing a rank from 01-50 have a chance of winning 100% scholarship and cash rewards. With a scholarship by their side, experienced faculty will coach them, they will have access to comprehensive study material and also get a chance to review their performance through AIATS (All India Aakash Test Series).

Final Words
Yes, an early start from class 8th can be of great benefit when preparing for JEE, but it’s a matter of personal choice as well. Before taking a decision, a student needs to analyse their learning potential and competence to score the best in the examination. Plus, time is not the only factor that assures success. The choice of the coaching centre, study material and guidance also play a significant role in paving the success path. So, all students must stay focused, motivated and dedicated to their engineering preparation.