Social Media and SEO are Mutually Inclusive Events When Driving Digital Marketing Strategy


No SEO professional or expert would deny the significance of social signals when it comes to optimizing sites for search engines. Social signals that help in assessing web user behavior on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest & a host of others are inextricably linked to traffic & link building. Let us understand how social media and SEO are mutually inclusive events when driving the digital marketing strategy.

How Search Engines Assess Link Credibility
Search engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing try their best to offer users with the most relevant & credible search results according to the search keywords. Search engines merely don’t trust any site that may seem relevant, due to the site has not enough inbound links that make this site as trustworthy. The more inbound links which point towards a website page, the more trustworthy & credible it appears to search engines.

Link Building & Sharing on Social Networks
Link building is significantly dependent on social sites, as people usually share what they link. These links, which are shared on social sites not only generate traffic but turn out becoming “references” themselves, as they’re thence utilized on blogs or news websites as sources. The significance of social media is such that, rather than robots & algorithms deciding what’s credible & what isn’t, search engines have started to realize that what’s shared frequently must be more crucial than what isn’t shared on social networks. An interesting and helpful article or a great piece of content always gets shared on Twitter, Facebook & other platforms usually.

Social Media & SEO
Search engines like Google have realized the significance of sharing of social media & that when anything goes viral on social sites, that link ought to be credible & important. The data from social signals decide the significance of a web page or website and understanding social influence & community effect is more relevant to search engines like Google than mechanical link building. Therefore, one can say that SEO and social media are mutually inclusive & shall remain so in the foreseeable future.

Key Strategies in Integrating Social Media with SEO Efforts
There are five key techniques in integrating social media with your search engine optimization plans, according to Mashable.

Identify Audience: The 1st step is to identify the audience & understand their behaviors, quirks, what they dislike & like and how they share an article or content & who they share it with. You will discover software programs accessible to monitor social media & help you to identify influencers, conversations, and keywords.

Define Objective: As soon as the audience is identified, it’s crucial to define your specific objective. Social media cannot be about direct marketing and advertising. While sales & marketing are extremely important in search engine optimization, in social media it actually takes a covert part. Presence on social sites must be used for defining & achieving specific objectives. They may consist of sales & marketing but has to be covert.

Tactical Mix: Lee you would have to invest time & build relationships in social sites where your target visitor spends time the most. The concept is to recognize which social sites are popular among your target visitor.

Establishing a Game plan: The writer continues to mention that a combined social media & SEO effort need to focus on content building & interaction. Effective promotion of objective content & sharing them on social sites is quite important.

Measuring Goals: This relies on utilizing social media analytics & web analytics tools that enable you to keep track of the effect of social web participation & search engine performance of SEO efforts.