Digital Marketing Strategy to Follow In 2020

Most of the businesses are betting their money up for seeking an effective digital marketing planning in this New Year. There exist a number of brainstorming new tactics for improving the reputation of brands over the internet that ranges from SEO to conversions and social media to blogs. And, this list goes on and on. So, what could be the best way to optimize the online presence of a brand or company to fetch some good reviews and revenue? Let us show you how to create a better brand image and reputation in the digital channels. Here is our cheat sheet that one should opt for making a digital marketing strategy in 2020.

Content Marketing

Emphasize on Quality Instead Of Keywords: With ever-changing updates and algorithms of Google and other major search engines, keywords don’t get that much to secure better ranking over the internet. Opt for contents that are original, high in quality, and informative. Content with 500 words is good but having 1,000 words is much better.

An Informative Blog is a Must: If you have a blog on your website, post high-quality and informative contents on it. If you don’t have it, it is the time. Make sure to post at least a blog in a week i.e. 4-5 in a month or simply create news with for monthly update for an SEO boost. The main goal is to make your website home for quality-based frequent content.

Go for Videos: it is 2020, the age of visual marketing. Quality-based videos are a must have from SEO and social media perspective. You can’t overlook Facebook’s new auto-play video feature as well as Google’s preference for YouTube videos in the topmost search results. Can you afford to miss it now?

Social Media Marketing

Conversion of Post Reach: This is the prime mistake that most of the companies make. Although the news feed may be flooded with various info-graphic content, all of these do not seem to work. Try to post content that will be interesting from viewer’s perspective. A call-to-action post will be highly useful to let people visit your website. This year, go for a mix of 60/40 formula as an attention-grabbing and informative post.

Advertisement: It is a matter of fact that social media is playing a vital role in increasing conversions, consumer engagement as well as followers. Social media has become a pay-to-play powerhouse. But, the interesting part is that it offers a hassle-free and cheap way to advertise. Select a social media platform to advertise your brand.

Digital Optimization

Handy for Mobile: It is the foremost thing to go for if your website is not optimized for mobile. With Google’s new update of algorithm since April 21, 2015, Mobilegeddon, websites that are not optimized for mobiles will be penalized. Just test the consistency of your website over the mobile platform. Did you fail? It is a must watch for 2020.

Analyze the Performance: Most of the websites have analytic installed, but the main part is set up of conversions and goals. Although it takes time and knowledge, it will help in analyzing the metrics easily. Periodically assess the analytic to track the health and goal conversion of the website. Don’t leave for updating and optimizing in the Q4. It is something that signifies all of your digital marketing efforts.

It was an overview of the digital marketing strategy that you should, as a website owner, keep in mind before initiating your marketing efforts in 2020. Planning can be overwhelming sometimes and we will be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with our experts for a simplified way out or getting answers for any query.

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