Digital Marketing Services: The Engine that uses the Oil called Data

A digital marketing agency is a tick in the box of modern marketing plans. A good digital marketing agency is a tick that breaks the box in radical and compelling ways.

In a world where information is no more an accessory but the very heart-throb of every product, service, customer experience, and expectation; marketers can no longer afford to wear blinkers and swing on hammocks.

They have to be swift, sharp, smooth and at the same time, be ruthlessly-precise. 

The Challenges of a Digital Marketing Agency: The rise of data. The dearth of information.

The good news is that there is an unprecedented level of data available about a customer these days. So accomplishing accuracy and speed is not a lot of spadework anymore. That, however, does not free up a digital marketing agency from the legwork it still has to do – translating all this data into insight that can be used at the right time, with the right person and without being wrong in the eyes of the law. The bad news is, yes – a brand cannot use these data goldmines at its whim and convenience.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other stringent data-privacy regulations are gaining ground and teeth every quarter, and marketers can no longer be careless about how they store, use and share customer data. This is not about compliance anymore. This is about serious discipline and respect for customer privacy and consent.

These new-age opportunities and challenges make the need for expertise and incisive understanding all the more pronounced. This is where the choice of seasoned and astute digital marketing services can make all the difference between wasting data and using data to one’s surest advantage. 

Getting the right customer. And getting the customer right

Amidst the plethora of digital marketing services available in the market, one needs to be patient as well as diligent in choosing a digital marketing agency that understands the difference between noise and signal. A smart and information-savvy digital marketing company can sift a brand out of the mayhem where everyone is screaming, and no one is actually listening to anyone.

How do smart digital marketing agencies do it?

  • A wide and deep portfolio of brands that are more than name-dropping lists: The ability to understand customers and brand challenges eked out through a long running journey of hands-on campaigns and studies.
  • Experts that do not jumpstart or present half-baked answers but work with rigor and depth.
  • Proficiency in capturing the needs, anxiety, demands and fickle nature of new-age customers
  • Infrastructure that is endowed with technologies and resources to cater to a variety of brand needs
  • Dexterity in walking the tightrope between regulatory pressures and customer reach
  • Courage and vision that can equip brands not just to stand relevant today but to reinvent and adapt for tomorrow
  • The salience of digital tools, digital pitfalls, and fast-changing technology landscapes
  • Agility and speed in picking disruptions like ad blockers, Google extension interventions, competitive gimmicks, latency, censorship debates, device incompatibility etc. before anyone else can catch on it and solve it

In short, a smart brand can find both traction and acceleration when augmented with the right digital marketing agency. Spend some time tying up these shoe-laces well before you start running.

Do not mix oil with water. Look for a good pipe.

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