Creative Uses For Old Plastic Pallets


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Plastic pallets are used in the logistics industry for shipping products or cargo from one place to another. They boast of various features that make them suitable for transportation purposes. In addition to recycling or repurposing used plastic pallets, you can use them creatively to make functional items as they are durable, easy to handle, light, and easy to clean. Here are some of the creative uses for used plastic pallets.

Plastic pallet bookshelf

If you have a small room, you have to get creative to utilize the minimal space you have. Used plastic pallets come in handy. You can quickly build a vertical bookshelf on the wall to store your books or magazines. All you need to buy are some shelf brackets to fix the plastic pallets in place on the wall. That allows you to utilize your empty wall space. If you don’t have much time to fix the pallets on the wall and you still have enough floor space, all you have to do is stack them one on top of the other and have your book space.

Plastic pallet bed

Plastic pallets are sturdy enough to make a pallet bed. If you need an extra bed, maybe for your kid’s room or guest room, you only need to pile up plastic pallets and place a mattress on top. It is as simple as that. A plastic pallet bed is easy to carry or move, and it is cost-effective since you are using used plastic pallets which are readily available. Whenever you feel bored or do not need it, you can reconstruct it and make something else useful out of the plastic pallets.

A pallet sofa

You can make a pallet sofa out of used plastic pallets. The only thing you need to design is the vertical pallets on top of one side for the back support. You can even create a blended design using wooden pallets as the vertical pallets and the plastic pallets as the horizontal pallets to create a unique look. Then you can add cushions or mattresses to make the sofa more comfortable. Such a sofa is suitable for your patio and even indoor sitting as well.

Pallets raised floor

If you want to raise the floor in your living room, dining area, or any other part of your house, used plastic pallets are resourceful. Since they are very sturdy, you can use them as a cost-effective way to raise your floor. You only need to arrange them together then lay a wooden or laminate floor on top of them. Cover the sides or leave them open for the plastic pallets to be seen. You can even mix colors at the sides and leave them open to create a contrasting color appeal.

Chaise lounge

If you have a swimming pool, you can make beautiful chaise lounges out of used plastic pallets instead of buying some. Since they are water-resistant, they are perfect for relaxing after a swim. All you need to add are some mattresses or cushions for comfort.

Pet bed

You can create a plastic pallet bed for your favorite pet. The good thing about this is that it is easy to clean and dry at any time. The only additions you need to add are some cushions and warm bedding for your furry friend to feel warm.

The bottom line

Used plastic pallets are perfect for reusing and making creative items out of them since they are more cost-effective than wooden pallets, weather-resistant, easy to handle, and easy to clean.