Cloudways Review 2020


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Cloudways 2.0 Web Hosting Review

Cloudways is a PaaS provider which enables its users to enjoy hosting on top cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, Google, and Vultr. Cloudways Review also gives you a hosting experience likes never before with its Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. After read this Cloudways 2.0 web hosting review you will understand why it is important.

The users deploy web apps on optimized servers with the ThunderStack formula, a robust setup containing Nginx, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Memcached, Varnish Cache and an optional Redis cache. With this ThunderStack formula, supersonic page load speed is guaranteed and gives your website the ability to render faster. Now, you can serve more customers as compared to your competitors.

That is not all what Cloudways offers. Here is a list of things that are offered by Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting:

  • Free Trial: Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting offers Free Trials up to 14 days. This enables the users to get a hang of all the features of Cloudways and makes it easier for the users to make a decision about their hosting provider.
  • 1-click installations: Cloudways offers 1-click installation of PHP-based applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, and Prestashop.
  • Option to easily host multiple applications on a single server with SSL certificates.
  • A guaranteed up-time of 99.99%.
  • 24/7365 Live Chat and Customer Support that is available to look after your queries and solve any issues that might arise.
  • Free automated backups with off-shore placement facility on reliable, Amazon S3 servers.
  • An exciting new Team feature that allows users to collaborate on projects.
  • Cloudways allows users to integrate with Git, making it easy to develop and deploy automated workflows.
  • Clone your servers and experiment with the cloned version while keeping a saved copy of the server.
  • Easily migrate your WordPress sites with the Cloudways WordPress Migrator plugin in a few easy steps.
  • Have an ecommerce store on Magento? You can easily host in on the most optimised configuration for Magento at Cloudways. It offers the option to deploy either Magento 1 or Magento 2.
  • Cloudways also gives you SSH access, SFTP accounts, and much more.

Everything has its downsides, so does Cloudways. But these negative elements are not as much as you might expect and as we believe in honesty, we won’t hide anything from our readers.

Here are Some Cons that You Might Face:

  • SSL Error on Launching MySQL Manager. Nothing to be worried about here, I just found this to be annoying.
  • 14-days trial is only available on DigitalOcean and on other providers it is just 3 days.
  • On trial, you can only launch 1 server with a certain limitations. However, once you upgrade, the number of servers and applications are Unlimited.
  • Email Addons are not FREE. They recommend using Rackspace that costs $1 per account.
  • Only PHP-based Applications are allowed.

Whether to Cloud or not to Cloud?

Cloudways is a simple solution to all your Cloud hosting worries. It is managed. It is optimized and offers something for everyone. Developers, agencies, and designers can all now become a part of the managed cloud hosting, thanks to Cloudways 2.0 Web Hosting Review. They appeal to anyone looking for easy solution to move their websites or clients to cloud hosting servers that require almost no technical knowledge to setup their websites. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to host their website on the most user-friendly experience providing company.