Could Your Business Improve Its Employee Experience?


There is plenty of content available out there to help business improve the experiences of their customers and clients. However, employee experience is just as important to the success of a company as the happiness of the customer. If you are a business owner, take a look at some of the ways you can improve your employee experience.

1Why Should You Care?

You most likely already understand why your employees’ wellbeing matters to your business’s success. If there is a high turnover of employees, it costs a business money and limits productivity. It also exacerbates the business’ reputation for being undesirable among those who may have applied for roles before hearing about the negative employee experience. To attract talent and retain it, companies must make employees feel welcome, safe, and valued.

2Make Work Meaningful

When an individual puts effort towards a task that they see no purpose in, they will eventually disengage from it. Make sure that your employees are challenged and have plenty of opportunities to test their unique skills on the job. When they can see the difference they’re making to the business as a whole, they will be more likely to derive a sense of meaning from their job. No one likes the idea of putting in so much effort only for it to be meaningless.

3Make Communication Easier

When communication is difficult or stilted and restricted between members of your business, you will find employees becoming more frustrated and, therefore, more distracted. Keep the channels of communication open as best as possible to prevent this from happening. Services like Simpplr are ideal for helping with employee retention since they focus on smooth collaboration and connection across your business. Encourage regular catch-ups, even among employees who work remotely, as this promotes trust and closeness between colleagues. This, in turn, helps the company to thrive.

4Encourage Informal Connections

Not every interaction between employees must be formal and focused on the business. To foster an improved culture within your business, make room for informal and relaxed conversations to flourish among employees. The connections built without the rigid framework of productivity can elevate employee wellbeing and productivity. Consider ways of bringing separate teams together for social rather than professional reasons. Events or shared meals are excellent for strengthening relationships between colleagues even if they don’t tend to have the opportunity to speak to each other during the work day.

5Offer Rewards and Recognition

Even the most hardworking and dedicated employees can start to slack off if they believe that their energy is being wasted and their efforts are being overlooked. Make sure to acknowledge employee contributions to the business to encourage others to share their unique skills and lead the company toward success. If there are any ways that you can make your employees’ lives easier, you will notice a drastic improvement in their focus and output once you have implemented these changes. Show gratitude and appreciation not just through words but through actions. Away days, days off on birthdays, and employee rewards and discounts are great ways to show your recognition to your employees.