Activities & Attractions Across KwaZulu-Natal


South Africa is a friendly country and KZN is supposed to be home to some of the friendliest people! With its rich assorted variety of societies and 10 official dialects, the area is a cheerful one! This is reflected in some awesome Zulu dances combined with astounding melodic tunes displayed all throughout the province at any tourist spot.

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In spite of the fact that the temperatures contrast from zone to region, all in all KZN has the most tropical atmosphere all through SA, with the summers by and large being extremely sweltering with gentle winters generally. From the good old days KZN has seen many historical fights between the Zulus and the Voortrekkers; the British Empire and the Boer tribe; the Zulus and the British Empire. The territory is the point of convergence of South African history containing many relics from the chronicled past.

Every city, town and locale has something uncommon to offer their guests, regardless of whether it is safaris out in the open, wildlife safari, surfing, climbing or mountain biking. Exquisite strip malls, gambling clubs, markets and knick-knack stalls are at every corner of the town. The Midlands Meander gives a course of one of a kind artworks sprinkled with awesome convenience choices.

KZN is perfect for the nature and open air lover with splendid waterways which are perfect for angling, mountains ideal for climbing, hiking and trails and for those looking for isolation, the chirping sound of the wild only and the splendid view will let you experience a wonderful vacation.

The province comprises of Jewish, Muslim, Christians, African conventionalist and Buddhists cheerfully existing together making KZN fascinating and lively. There are any sanctuaries, mosques, places of worship and altars which are justified regardless of a visit when in KZN and enjoy the unique festivals. A few spots to set aside the opportunity to visit includes:

  • Trappist Mariannhill Monastery in Mariannhill Durban
  • Garden of Remembrance in Durban Jewish Club
  • Holocaust Centre in Durban Jewish Club
  • The Shembe pilgrimage up the Holy Mountain of Nhlangakazi celebrated on the first Sunday of New Year
  • Buddhist Retreat Centre which is near the Ixopo
  • Visit The Jummah Mosque, learn about the Islamic faith and also see the beautiful architecture.
  • Hindu festival Holi, the festival of colors celebrating the arrival of spring
  • Hindu Diwali celebrations at the time of festival of lights

There are some genuinely stupendous bird sightings in KZN with many tourist spots particularly taking into account the viewings, particularly along the bird routes.

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