Acer XFA240 Review | Best Untrawide Screen Gaming Monitor 2020

Out of the crate, the Acer XFA240 rushes to assemble and incorporates a DisplayPort link to associate back to your PC. The base could be somewhat heavier, yet it joins solidly to the vertical arm, which at that pointcuts onto the back of the screen. It is perfect with a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount, giving you additional alternatives for your battle station arrangement. The stock vertical arm takes into consideration tallness and tilts modification, and you can turn the showcase for scene or representation mode in case you’re utilizing it as an optional presentation.

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Acer XFA240 Specs 

The back case appears to be well-worked with pebbled plastic, and there are abundant vents to keep things cool. As an additional touch, even scores keep running from side to side, with an Acer logo in the upper right corner. The screen isn’t as slender as costly premium choices, however, it’s absolutely not horrifyingly enormous. It doesn’t press out excessively a long way from the stand, and you shouldn’t have issues with it occupying an excessive amount of room. At 24 inches, it’s ideal for any individual who doesn’t have a huge amount of space around their work area.

Associated with DisplayPort to exploit all highlights, including a 144Hz, invigorate rate, the Acer XFA240 bmjdpr offers a great picture. I changed a couple of settings in the on-screen show to deal with the processing plant arrangement, at that point tried shading exactness. I got back 98% sRGB and 77% AdobeRGB, both incredible outcomes at the cost. Splendor maximizes at around 350 nits and joined with the matte completion, you shouldn’t need to manage glare when gaming in a sufficiently bright room. At the point when associated with HDMI or DVI, note that the greatest invigorate rate is 120Hz.

A 1440p (QHD) goals are winding up perpetually prominent in the gaming scene as execution equipment increase and screens get greater. In any case, at 24 inches FHD still bodes well for the XFA240. Everything looks clear and fresh, and you’re not unnecessarily exhausting your GPU. At the lower goals, it’s simpler for lesser equipment to push 144 edges for each second (FPS) to stay aware of the screen’s greatest revive rate.

Six unmistakable catches on the base right corner of the screen make up the controls. One is a power catch with LED status light, and the others are plain. Hitting any of the five ordinary secure brings the settings, and you have a decision of volume control, input determination, overdrive change, and gaming mode. There’s likewise a capacity menu for altering shading, picture, and the settings window itself. A blue light channel can be empowered inside to help take care of your eyes during long recesses, and you can even change tone and immersion levels to get the image looking perfectly without an additional alignment instrument. Gleam less tech adds to the survey comfort.

Acer XFA240 bmjdpr

What you’ll disdain about the Acer XFA240 bmjdpr

There’s not a ton to hate about the XFA240 considering picture and execution, and I had only a pleasant time utilizing it for long gaming periods. Visuals were smooth gratitude to acer xfa240 g sync similarity with my NVIDIA RTX 2060, and I had the option to push 144 FPS in present-day AAA games because of the FHD goals. The bezel is somewhat thicker than I’m utilized to, however at this value, it’s not really an issue.

In spite of the fact that the stand is very flexible gratitude to tallness, tilt, and revolution alterations, it doesn’t swivel on the base. To get a square review edge, you have to move the whole screen. The TN board doesn’t offer very as great of survey points as an IPS board, and on the off chance that you regularly have an individual or two watching your game, they will absolutely see a distinction in shading in the event that they’re sitting to the side.

The implicit 2W speakers are a pleasant expansion, particularly on a spending screen, however, they’re best for brief time frames when you don’t have a quality gaming headset associated. Sound is empty and doesn’t get especially noisy, however, it’s an alternative in case you’re offering substance to other people.

Would it be a good idea for you to purchase the XFA240 Acer?

For any individual who needs to get in on quality 1080p gaming execution, the Acer XFA240 is anything but difficult to prescribe. The goals look fresh at the 24-inch size, and lesser equipment will have a lot simpler time hitting a high framerate to stay aware of the screen’s 144Hz revive rate. The stand doesn’t swivel, however, it gives changes in accordance with tilt, turn, and stature includes that aren’t actually regular with screens this modest.

A 1ms reaction and FreeSync with G-Sync similarity just add to the smooth picture, and you won’t need to stress over which GPU you’re utilizing, as long as on the NVIDIA side you have a 10-or 20-arrangement card. For whatever length of time that you’re not searching for something bigger or with a higher goal, the Acer XFA240 ought to be close to the highest point of your waitlist for next gaming screen.


Quick gaming screens, as a rule, live in the top-notch value class, however, we have seen a couple of special cases to that standard (like the ViewSonic Elite XG240R, around $230 at the hour of composing). Presently Acer is offering much a similar screen for a couple of bucks less, $180 at this composition to be precise. For that total, you get the new XFA240 with a TN board, FHD goals, a 144 Hz revive rate, FreeSync and G-Sync Compatibility. Gamer looking for a rapid, minimal effort screen will need to give this one a decent look. At this cost, there is nothing we are aware of that can beat the Acer XFA240 in shading precision, gaming execution and highlights. In spite of the fact that its pixel thickness is lower than we’d like, that defect’s barely noticeable when shaking our preferred first-individual games at 144 fps.

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