A Styling Guide on Pocket Squares


There are many fashion elements and accessories that you can use to enhance your overall outfit look. And one of them is Pocket Squares! Yes, these accessories may look small to you, but it has the power to either make or break an outfit look.

From formal events and weddings to black-tie affairs, pocket squares are appropriate for any occasion. These little accessories will add a touch of fun or elegance to any outfit look. Many celebrities like Jon Hamm, Justin Timberlake, and Robert Downey Jr. have been fond of wearing pocket squares for their red carpet appearance for so many years now.

So, if you’ve plans to go to an event and want to look classy and trendy at the same time, you should try pocket squares! These fashion accessories are available in various colors, sizes, and fabrics. You can pick anything from the fashionable light blue pocket square to classy black/white ones in cotton or linen fabrics. There are endless options available; however, that’s why sometimes it is a bit challenging to find the right one.

Are you confused about which pocket square you should pick or don’t know how to style them? Don’t worry, keep reading on!

In this post, we will tell you everything about pocket squares, from the difference between pocket squares and handkerchiefs to different pocket squares fabrics. We’ve also explained the color scheme and how you can style them for various occasions. Let’s begin.

1Difference Between Pocket Square & Handkerchief

Many people do often get confused between these two fashion accessories. So is there a difference, or are both the same? A pocket square is NOT a handkerchief, but you can wear a handkerchief as a pocket square in some emergencies!

Pocket squares are decorative accessories used to make any outlook look more appealing and attractive. On the other hand, handkerchiefs are a practical tool to wipe tears, sweat, or food stains, so they aren’t meant to be displayed.

Pocket Square Fabrics

The fabric is an important element when selecting the right pocket square. Each one has different textures and properties.

For example, get a wool or cotton pocket square if you’re wearing a fine smooth tie. And if you’re wearing a tie with textures, go with a plain silk square. This way, you can easily color coordinate your outfit, and overall every piece will look good together.

Here are some common fabrics options for pocket squares: 

  • Silk pocket square
  • Cotton pocket square
  • Linen pocket square
  • Wool pocket square
  • Polyester pocket square

Pocket Square Color Scheme

Pocket squares aren’t limited to the black and white colors. They’re available in various colors, designs, sizes, and patterns. So, you can pick your favorite one for any function or occasion. However, it’s important to know which color goes with which outfit look; otherwise, you may end up with a weird-looking outfit.

Here are some color options that you can try wearing on different occasions:

  • At workplace:

You can pair a non-shiny, cotton fabric pocket square in white color with a classic blue or gray suit for the office or formal meetings.

  • At the weekend:

You can pair pocket squares with contrasting colors and bold patterns for a casual or smart casual look. Pair them with an unlined cotton blazer and a linen shirt, and you’re ready to go!

  • At ceremonies:

For ceremonies like weddings and fancy dinners, go with a white linen or cotton pocket square.

  • At parties:

You can go with colored and pattern pocket squares for occasions like summer cocktail parties. You can also try different fabrics.

Pocket Square Styles & Folds

The best thing about pocket squares is that you can wear them in many different ways. These versatile fashion accessories add sophistication and elegance to any men’s outfit.

You should keep in mind two important things while wearing pocket squares. They are:

  • Please select the right pocket square based on its color, fabric, and color schemes.
  • Select the right style and fold for the occasion.

There are various styles for different occasions like:

  • Conservative Styles
  • Flamboyant Styles
  • Pocket Square Without Tie Styles

Here are the most popular folds:

  • Triangle fold (one corner up)
  • Two points fold (two corners up) or multiple points
  • Flat or square pocket square fold
  • Puff pocket square fold
  • Presidential pocket square fold
  • Casual pocket square fold
  • Winged puff pocket square fold
  • Crown pocket square fold
  • Scallop pocket square fold

2Final Thoughts

So, this is all about pocket squares. Whether you’re going to a formal event and want to look classy and elegant or a fun weekend party, pocket squares are the best ways to add some style and versatility to the outfit. There are many options available in pocket squares, from different colors to fabric. So, wear a pocket square with your suits, blazers, and tuxedos and make a statement look.