A Guide To Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing


To have a successful Google My Business listing, you need to include specific details within your business’ information. These details are not just added to make a complete profile with all necessary items. Often they can provide you with an advantage when it comes to being found on Google and, in turn, attract more customers to your business.

However, a lot more information can be added to make your profile stand out from all of the others in your area and throughout Google.

Maintaining Your Listing

It’s easy to forget to log in and update your business listing, but it is essential to keep all information current. When you make updates make sure they are changing something within the listing, don’t just edit old information by putting a line through it. Old information suggests that there is no new information available to the public.

Google My Business listings are constantly changing, so be sure to keep your information updated and current. 

Add Photos To Your Listing

Adding photos to your Google My Business listing can go a long way in encouraging customers to visit your business. This is because they will get an idea of what you offer through images before even reaching out to you or visiting your storefront.

Photos should be high resolution (preferably 300kb or larger) because Google will resize them too small for display purposes on their search results pages. It’s recommended that you have at least 8-10 relevant images within your profile that showcase what makes your business unique from others in your field. Include images of:

  • Pictures Of Your Products and Services
  • Your Storefront Or Business Location
  • Images That Show Off Specialties
  • A Picture Of You, The Owner Or A Representative Of Your Business
  • Images Of Menu Items (if you’re a restaurant)
  • Images From Any Promotions, Events, or Sales You Have Going On Right Now

Images That Prove Your Reviews Are Real (i.e., customer testimonials and reviews, receipts from happy customers, etc.) This will add authenticity to your Google My Business listing and might be enough for customers to click on your profile

Strategic Linking

Google has many ways to connect data from other websites to yours, such as through Local Search Connectors or Places I’ve Been. A great way you can control this connection is by including your website URL and social profiles into the “Link to This Page” section under Website Links.

Make sure you have a link to each of your important pages, not just the homepage. You can also use this section to tell Google about any other similar profiles that you think they might need to know about.

What Are Your Specialties?

For many businesses, this is something easy to forget or maybe not important enough to include on their listing if it’s already apparent what they do through images and descriptions on your profile page. Businesses should clarify what they offer on their Google My Business listing by including keywords related to their specialties in the “Selling Points” section under Distinguishing Features.

This will help customers find businesses like yours when searching for related keywords or phrases on Google. For example, if you are offering dental services, you can include keywords such as “dental treatment” and “oral health” while listing your services in this section. This comes in handy for successful Dental Marketing

How Do You Differ From Competitors?

This will help with customer confidence in who they choose to do business with because it lets them know you are the best at what you do or stand for in comparison to others in your field. Businesses should be sure to highlight their unique point of difference by including essential information about their specialties, availability, service areas, etc., within the “Benefits Of Using Our Services” section under Selling Points.

Providing excellent customer service is usually enough for most businesses to have a sustainable edge over their competitors.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing will make it easier for customers to find you through the search engines. Take time to update your information, add relevant images, and include links to important pages of your website or social profiles.