8 Ways to Make Your Home’s Décor More Interesting


Have you spent time decorating your home, only to realize it’s just not interesting enough? Most people have been there. Decorating a house is a lot harder than you would think. There’s a reason people make comfortable livings as interior designers

If you’re tired of the same old wall paints and furniture, here are eight ways to make your home’s décor more interesting. 

1Install Interior Barn Doors 

One change that can instantly spruce up the home’s interior is changing the doors. Barn doors are especially good, as they look rustic but traditional and add something a little different to the space. Plus, with sliding barn doors, you save on floor space. Browse sunburstshuttersaz.com to find a barn door that works perfectly with your style. 

2Use Geometric Shapes 

Many interior designers swear by geometric shapes. It makes sense – they help brighten and harmonize a room. If you have a dull room without much to it, adding some geometrical décor will really liven things up. 

3Hang Your Plants 

You might have tried to spruce up your home with some added greenery. It’s a great idea, but it doesn’t always work. Your house might have gone from boring to boring with a few cute potted plants. To make it more interesting, think about different ways to store your plants, such as hanging them. Hang them from ceilings and walls for a cool drooping effect. You could even install wall-mounted planters. 

4Paint an Accent Wall 

Using the same wall color over and over will inevitably look dull. You don’t have to paint every wall to spice the decor up a little, though. Try painting a single accent wall a different color. If you have cream walls, for example, a dark, mossy green would look amazing! 

5Throw Down a Bright-colored Rug 

A splash of color is always a bonus in an otherwise average-looking home, and there’s no easier way to add color than by throwing down a bright rug. You could opt for a single block color, or you could be a little more adventurous by choosing a cool pattern. Whatever matches your style! 

6Add Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves allow you to decorate your space with more items without it looking cluttered. Make your floating shelves even more eye-catching by painting them a gorgeous color and creating unusual shapes with them. 

7Mix Metal with Wood 

Metal and wood are two natural materials that complement each other beautifully. All wood and all metal can look slightly dull. Together, it’s magic! A metal coffee table next to a wooden bookshelf will look great. 

8Let Your Unique Interests Shine Through 

To truly make your home interesting, let your interests shine through in your décor. Whether you like action figures, bright flowers, animals, or rock music, base your decorations around those interests. For example, if you love animals, you can find loads of adorable and unique furnishings shaped like elephants, giraffes, and more! Not only will these mini additions bring your home to life, but they will make your home feel entirely your own.