4 Ways to Be a Great Mentor Like John Branca Attorney


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When you think back on your career, is there someone that stands out that helped guide you and facilitated your growth both professionally and personally? You can pay that forward to someone else that’s trying to find their own path. It might be a young person that’s just starting out, fresh out of school or someone that is changing jobs or industries. Follow the example set by mentors such as John Branca and others. There are plenty of ways you can make a positive impact on those around you.

1. Share Your Skills

You might know a computer program you can teach others or some tips and tricks to make a process at work easier and save time. Don’t keep your talents to yourself. Let others benefit from what you already know by showing them new and better ways to do things. Give them the chance to practice what they learn in a safe and nonjudgemental space.

2. Tell the Good and the Bad

Talk to your mentee about the experiences you’ve had, whether they are positive or negative. There’s something to learn from both. They will realize how to capitalize on opportunities and avoid the pitfalls you’ve already had to deal with. Plus, swapping stories about your past will help you grow your relationship with each other. Don’t be afraid to have hard conversations.

3. Lead By Example

It’s never been more important to do what you say and say what you do. This will help build your reputation with others. You’ll be seen as having integrity and authenticity. After all, why would someone follow your advice if you don’t practice what you preach?

4. Realize That You’ve Got Room to Grow, Too

Even when people are looking to you as a mentor, keep in mind that your journey of development is far from over, also. Don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something or need help in a certain area. This vulnerability is necessary to keep building your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Seek out your own role models to help take your work to the next level.

Showing others the ropes might take a little bit of time, but it can pay off in the long run for all parties. It might surprise you the kind of significant impact you can have. You can help chart the course of someone’s career. They may not always say it, but they will be grateful for your leadership.