10 Things to Know About Claiming Compensation under Third Party Bike Insurance


When you get involved in a road accident and get injured due to another person’s fault, you are entitled to get a third party insurance compensation from them. Similarly, if you injure a third party or a third party property, you are liable to pay for the loss, via your own third party two wheeler insurance cover. Take a look at this article to know all about third-party claims and what you should and should not do at such a time.

Things to know about third party claims

  1. Don’t leave the spot: Right at the offset, you have to remember to be calm and handle the situation wisely. Whether it was your fault or the other person’s, never flee the accident spot. Get off your bike and assess the situation and do the needful.
  2. Lodge an FIR: You need to file an FIR with the police. This is important as the accident may involve serious injury, damage or even death. This apart, the FIR is also a crucial document that is needed to file a claim on the bike insurance policy.
  3. Inform the insurance provider: Inform the insurance provider as soon as possible. If you delay in doing this, your claim may not be honored. It is advisable to call the customer support cell from the spot itself and inform them. You should do this if you are not too injured. Else, look to get some medical assistance first.
  4. Collect evidence: You need to collect evidence from the accident spot. Click photographs of your own bike, of the other vehicle involved, of the people injured, etc. Also, collect the phone numbers of some eyewitnesses. The information you get will prove to be vital during a third party two wheeler insurance claim.
  5. Exchange information: You also need to exchange information with the owner of the other vehicle. you may need his/her bike insurance policy details to get your claim and he/she may need yours. So don’t leave the spot without completing this important step.
  6. Be honest: Be very honest when making a claim. You cannot afford to lie. If it was your fault, admit it. The insurer will run a thorough verification before disbursing the claim amount so the truth will anyway come to the forefront.
  7. File in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal: You need to file a case with the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. The third party two wheeler insurance claim will ultimately be given to you after the tribunal gives a green signal.
  8. Stay within insurance limits: You need to follow the rules stated by your insurance provider to be eligible for a claim. Don’t ride your bike if you are drunk. Don’t let an underage friend or relative ride it. If the accident takes place when a rule is violated, your claim will straightaway be rejected.
  9. Submit the correct documents: Know about the list of documents you need when you buy a plan or opt for a two wheeler insurance renewal online. The list is clearly mentioned on every insurance provider’s website. Submit the correct documents to avoid any hiccups in the claim process.
  10. Settle the claim amount: Before you get the claim amount transferred to your bank account, check the figure and approve it. If you feel the amount is insufficient, speak to the insurer and have it reviewed. If you are still not happy, speak to your lawyer and get a legal verification done.

The bottom line

It is important for you to understand the claim process when you buy a plan or even go in for a two wheeler insurance renewal online. You never know when an emergency will strike and you will need to make a claim. So stay prepared and make full use of the insurance coverage.