5 Best Chromebooks to Buy


    In terms of software and hardware, Chromebooks have made a little progress in past years. In starting, they were not as successful but now you can find them different in configurations, build quality, size and price point. Keep one things in mind that Chromebooks are for people who do normal emails, web browsing and word processing.

    1. Acer Chromebook C720
    If you want a Chromebook on a budget, then you must go for C720. It does not have an appealing design or build quality, but on its price, it has the best features you can get. The Chromebook is able to handle even the heaviest Chrome OS. The battery life of 8 hours is pretty amazing and the Chromebook as an 11 inch display which makes it portable.

    Acer Chromebook C720

    2. Dell Chromebook 11
    We are talking about the 2014 version here. The 2014 version has a slimmer design and comes with a Core i3 processor, an amazing battery life and RAM of 4GB. The worst thing about this Chromebook is its 720p display only.

    Dell Chromebook 11

    3. Asus Chromebook Flip
    A Chromebook with a flip feature is quite questionable but the thing that makes this Chromebook buyable is its build quality. The metallic exterior gives this Chromebook a premium touch. The keyboard is a bit small but if you are searching for something that is portable, then you can go for this Chromebook.

    Asus Chromebook Flip

    4. Toshiba Chromebook 2
    This Chromebook has got a 1080p display, decent performance, amazing batter life and clicky keyboard. At this price, the Chromebook offers you best offers. This Chromebook has a good design also and you can use it freely in public without getting embarrassed. The Chromebook will be replaced by its successor this year but until then, this Chromebook has got what you need.

    5. Google Chromebook Pixel 2
    It is the best Chromebook ever released. But consider one thing that its price is very high too. This Chromebook has the best display and the best design.

    Google Chromebook Pixel 2

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