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There is a wide range of products to choose from when it comes to shopping for Red Dot Scopes. The price varies from average to savage. Keep in mind that a higher priced scope does not decide the quality of the unit. Here is an overview of how to shop for red dot scopes and analysis of the major brands that are out there in the market.

Basic Information About Red Dot Scopes
The first thing you must consider is choosing the appropriate scope that will fit the gun of your choice. A low priced scope is more suitable for guns designed for recreation purposes (Airsoft, Paintball and Rimfire). For the more advanced hunters or for those who want to bring their shooting skills a notch higher, the one thing that must be considered is the level of recoil quality the gun has when it is fired. The smaller firearm works best with average priced scopes. The high priced scopes are required by the large types of firearm because the gun must be able to withstand the rugged recoil or shock that occurs when firing. When shopping for scopes it is important that you get what you pay for so choose the right match for the right kind of firearm.

How To Choose The Dot Size And Color
The dot size for the red dot scopes usually comes in a number of sizes to choose from. The latest ones already have both red and green dot but the basic ones still maintain the red color. Red is appropriate for low and natural light conditions. The combination of red and green is more useful on bright and sunny hunting day in the field. All scopes have a built in adjustment settings to change the brightness from a range of 7- 11. The dot size is usually decided on by the manufacturer. If you are using a rifle, the standard dot size requirement is 5 MOA or lower. A larger dot size is generally required for handguns for these are mostly used for close range shootings. Multi reticle guns have many types of dot size that it can use to its advantage (3, 4, Sand 10). The main purpose of using the right dot size is to make the hunting more fun and challenging.

Red Dot Scope Major Brands
Ultradot 6 Matchdot II
Specifically designed for serious gun users who join competitions, this scope is composed of 4 dot sizes (2, 4, 6, and 9) and 2 flexible reticle adjustments. It is also equipped with an on the fly elevation settings. It has an unlimited field of view and comes with an all black finish. Ideal for hitting the bulls eye on target shooting events.

Barska 30 mm Red Dot Scope
This series offers the fastest target focus, accurate point shooting that is most ideal for recreational use; Airsoft, rimfire, paintball, airgun and crossbow. Its state of the art technology, rheostat programmable settings and wide view field makes this scope a true winner.

Tru Glo 3
The red dot and dual colored scope (red and green) is loaded with interesting features designed for the hunter and dedicated gun enthusiasts. The two color choices are specifically designed for easy adjustment of settings and easy aim for the target even in contrasting backgrounds. It is shockproof, water resistant, fog proof and ideal for wide range field shooting areas. It comes with a 5 rheostat setting for each designated color.

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