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Hadoop: The Answer to Big Data

Written by Manish Agrawal

Big Data is one of the most important emerging technologies of our times. Big Data refers to huge amounts of data which cannot be processed using the conventional computing techniques. Big Data is classified into three major parts – structured, semi-structured and unstructured. With immense data being created every day, there is a dire need of a software/ platform which can help us in putting this data to use. Apache’s Hadoop is the solution to this Big Data problem. The most popular online entertainment mediums today is YouTube, which gets, videos having 15 years watch-time, uploaded on it in a single day. This is just a single fact about one of the mediums where data is being created each day. Most of the data that is being created today is created by machines. The challenge is to make sense of this data. This is where Big Data Analytics steps in.

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Hadoop is an open-source framework which is developed by Apache. This framework enables us to analyse huge amounts of data and manage Big Data. Since Big Data Analytics is spreading at great speeds across the industry, it has given rise to a profession with certain skill sets – Big Data Hadoop Administrator. A Big Data Hadoop Administrator is referred to a person who understands the Hadoop cluster and is well-equipped to work in its ecosystem. This professional is capable of configuring and managing the Apache Hadoop platform. Also a Big Data Hadoop Administrator understands on how to integrate the Hadoop cluster with Hive, HBase, Pig, Flume and from RDBMS using Sqoop.

There are number of great training programs for professionals who wish to make a career in the field of Big Data Analytics and Hadoop Administrator. One of the best Hadoop Administrator trainings is provided Collabera TACT. These trainings cover topics which give the students a thorough understanding of Big Data and Hadoop ecosystems. Collabera TACT’s Hadoop Administrator Training encompasses Monitoring HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), Cluster configuration and deployment for integration with data center. Allocation, distribution and management of resources are also taught during the training program. Besides all of these, the Hadoop Training gives the trainee, a hands-on experience on the Hadoop ecosystem. The internals of YARN, MapR, HDFS and Cloudera manager are covered during this course. Determination of correct hardware and infrastructure for the cluster, implementation for high availability, failover and recovery, security and up gradation of Hadoop cluster are some of the other key aspects of the Hadoop Training.

The Hadoop Administrator Training is designed for any system administrator – be it Linux, Windows or Server Administrators. With the advent of this technology, Hadoop cluster administrator has cropped up as new role for the Database Developers working in Admin (DBA). Also, someone with the ability and information regarding troubleshooting can opt for this course. With the explosion of Big Data, Hadoop Administrator has become one of the most exciting and rewarding career options of our time. If the field of Analytics and Big Data fascinates you then it’s the right time to take the leap forward.

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