5 04, 2018

Best Blog Platform: WordPress Vs Blogger

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What is the best blog platform? A popular question asked by most, if not all new bloggers. And so you should, it’s an important question to ask BEFORE you make a decision, because the platform you choose will determine ‘what you can and cannot do’ with your new blog. So, I thought it was time

19 03, 2018

Best Inkjet Printer 2018

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Looking into the Best Inkjet Printers!! ​Due to diverse needs for printing, manufacturers of inkjet printers have been on their toes to catch up with technology. Inkjet printers of high quality, print out the exact replica of what is needed. The writings, images, diagrams and animations should be very clear, and pleasing to the eye in the

10 03, 2018

Once Again Gujju Bloggers Meetup V3.0 in Ahmadabad

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Hello Gujju Bloggers Once Again Gujju Bloggers Meetup V3.0 in Ahmadabad and this time you will get amazing speakers line-up with vast experience in their field and they will be going to provide real value to attendees. If you haven't registered yet, do it now as it will be closed soon. Registration link: Venue:

26 10, 2017

Five Important Ways to Keep Your Blog Secure

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Blogging is one of the most popular social media trends in this 21st century. It is a powerful vent to express your thoughts, musings, and fantasies to the outside world. To most of the bloggers, their blogs are nothing but a mirror to their identity. So, what happens when someone steals this “identity” of yours?

19 07, 2017

How To Start A Blog- A Step By Step Tutorial

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How To Start A Blog "Welcome to NewsOrator where you will learn how to start your very own blog today!" Starting a blog is easy, you don’t really need any technical experience and you don’t need to be an expert web designer, all you need is this tutorial, a great topic to blog about and

5 07, 2017

How to Setup a WordPress Blog from Scratch [Beginners Guide]

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How to Setup a Wordpress Blog :- Self hosted WordPress blog is a dream of every new blogger, but so many newbie’s don’t know how to start it. Here is full guide for beginners to start a self hosted WordPress blog from scratch. It’s written especially for newbie’s only. Here is overview of process… Buying